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“There is hope in men, not in society, not in systems... but in you and me.”  -Jiddu Krishnamurti


Hi! I'm Lina and this is my blog.

One part mom, one part creative. I do all kinds of things in the realm of photography and print/digital design. I live with my little family in Miami, where you might see us at local events insta-storying it. I am a lover all things plant-based like the plant lady I am (with veggie garden in our backyard and all). I aim to have a sustainable lifestyle #zerowaste and promote local biz or events to and from moms in Miami #momsofmiami. All of which you'll see in the blog and shop.

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Join us for our second Mother's Healing Circle Saturday February 3rd. We will again be guided by the quiet wisdom of Natalia Sturla to explore gratitude, the power of giving and receiving and  together let go of any lingering post holiday stress. The session will begin with relaxation/stretches, followed by a guided meditation, group exercises and sharing time.  We welcome you with open arms and open hearts. See you there! 


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